Best levels for points and coins

Hello! Other than the tributes levels, some levels give a lot of club points and coins even when you don’t win the game. My favorite is expert 175 and there is also parrot point 171. I play them when I have free games and I’m sure to make a lot of coins and points.

What are the levels that you play repeatedly? It would be nice if we could share them!


I like playing level 10 on Tiki Island. Good streak potential & win rate. I like this level to complete quests & build up my coins.


Level 189 penguin rock, level 62 jellyfish jamboree, and expert 100 & 300 pay out really well IF you get a good streak, they do not pay out well if you don’t, so there is some risk in repeated play unless you are willing to use boosters to keep the streak going. When I’m looking for consistent earnings I go with 151 glowing grotto. It’s not very high in points or money but it’s very easy to win (with the golden tiki) and is one of the better paying easy levels on grotto.


My favorites are as follows: Tide Pool Lagoon #59 (bomb) Turtle Cover #76 (hook) and Turtle Cove #90 (torch). I use these to make money if I have extra boosters.


GSN changes and lowers level payouts, so be careful publicly stating good levels :joy:


I also have good luck building coins on level 11 & 14. I had a really great win a few days ago, not just cuz it was over 11k in coins, but the “415” in club points I won. It was level 129 on tiki skies.


OH my gosh, that is true. My lips are sealed :zipper_mouth_face:. Lol


I love E14 when the goal is getting many of the same (card or suit).


I have thought about this and I know some believe it is not wise to post levels that are “hot” but I want to share my play and I want to learn from others, also! If Tripeaks lowers payouts, I say we will find others! My go to levels are Parrot Point 168, 169, 170 with boosters and 171 that doesn’t need a booster. They pay well for me probably 8/10 times. If you have, use a 2x on 169!


Nice post, was great to read these tips! I just started playing in january, so I am learning as I go, I hope to be able to learn AND share!


Tripeaks, how about responding to the comment that you guys lower points on levels with higher payouts when people post about them here. Please set our minds at ease so we feel free to post.


I love this game o have never spent actual on a game on my life before this game and I get what your saying the last 3 days my win ratio has been 1to5 it’s frustrating when your trying to reach a your goal for day and not even half way there n used all you coins by 4 in afternoon because they set up basically when you win what you win n how much you it’s pretty discouraging I get it but I feel they need to make it fair at least set better ratios so and make winning fair I have had several levels where I’ve pd 3000 to play got all 3 stars n won game and only won 2900somthing for winning I mean how does that even happen it should never happen I feel the. Should just set same ratio for each level and same ratio so we can calculate n know what we are supposed to win with each star on each level would be easier for them and us I feel


@Sharon thank you so much!! All of the levels don’t work for me like that but 170 has turned out to be great for gaining coins and points in times of need. I haven’t gotten any insane high scores but have gotten 7000 coins and up to 200 club points a few times. Usually it’s around 5000 but only lose maybe 1 or 2 out of ten and still score 1500-2500 on those. So thank you again for sharing this.


Kristy, I also like Tiki Island Level 76 w/hook and 77 w/trap torch. I go to these levels if I have surplus of those boosters!


Tripeaks does not go through posts and adjust winning game levels… do people honesty think that with all the tickets in place for glitches in the game that they would really do that? Nothing would get accomplished changing hot paying levels, their time would be consumed doing this and more important things would not get corrected and updated. They want us to play the game and despite what some players say they want us to stay playing, and enjoy pkaying, after all there are a few folks out there that do pay $ to pay. Yes the game is preprogrammed, it has to be it is a game. Some times it is win win win… some times it is lose lose. Just like any other game that is out there. Feel free to share as they don’t fuss about “hot paying levels” these forums are a community forum, thus it’s all of us regular people.


I agree @Tracy. If that kind of practice was going on, some employees with a conscience would leak it, and bam, the game would be history.

Having dabbled in programming, I know there is a “random” function. Its just like a regular deck of cards, and very similar to Las Vegas, or any other gambling place. Sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose.

If you have a 4 up on the table, you have 8 chances out of a full deck of 52 of getting a 3 or a 5. Its just luck.

Thank you Tracy :slight_smile:


Before writing in about any issue I reboot device, delete and reinstall game to see if that will clear up the problem. I have been doing this daily and suffering through the tutorials repeatedly for months now. Why is it when I have 60,000+ coins available from friends the game only credits my account with a small portion of the coins. This is happening almost everyday. For some time now I take screenshots before and after tapping to collect coins, creating collage of the screenshots showing I was not paid (as only allowed to submit one picture in Help ) to show that the coins are NOT going into my bank and often times I do not receive reimbursement. Example Peter sends my a spreadsheet of how many times I collected coins the day in question and that I have received all the coins. I have tried to explain and follow through explaining your side of game may show the coins but they are NOT being added to my bank. Perhaps on your side looking at my account it’s showing you how many times I have tried to collect coins but they are NOT being credited in my side of the game. There most certainly is a glitch here and it is very frustrating to be sending coins and expecting to receive them and not have them credited then go to the trouble of collecting photos into one picture, writing in and receive answer implying I am trying to scam coins from your program. If you don’t want to process the free coins then don’t offer the program. To further complicate writing in for help now after tapping “contact us” the screen goes directly to a ste called Wufoo, not help. Is this to discourage players from contacting Tripeaks? I advise anyone doing FB exchanges to keep a watchful eye on their bank totals.


The wufoo is a game error, has nothing to do with discouraging going through help. The other option is if you have exceeded the amount of pictures, email them directly , include your ticket number in the email. copy and paste this email. Alot of people are mistyping it and getting a bounce back


I used to also believe there is no way tripeaks would change good levels but this past week levels I played all the time for points and coins, and I have listed these levels publically before as good paying levels, were drastically reduced in their payouts. I played a few specific levels on glowing grotto countless times and used to get 5500-6200 coins and 150ish points for winning and about 2200 and 75 points for losing. Now they pay 3000-4000 coins and less than 100 points for winning and they give just a few hundred coins and like 23 points for losing. When i first started seeing these decreased numbers i thought it must be a fluke, but i kept playing them and playing them and couldn’t get them to payout like they used to. These are levels I’ve literally played probably thousands of times. They were changed, no question.


I have had thst problem also, help going into the wufoo site. It says “oops, don’t know how that happened” on the center of a wufoo site page. And for friends that i had on fb and invited i didn’t get my coins and or a response to why either. That was over 3 mths ago.