BEST "CRAZY RELATIVES STORY" (2020 Heartfelt Holidays Contest)

Post your entries into the Best “Crazy Relatives Story” for the 2020 Solitaire TriPeaks Heartfelt Holidays Contest here!

These short (3 to 4 paragraphs maximum) stories should be a light-hearted look at one or more of your crazy relatives.

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My son opened his gift one Christmas and got all excited after seeing the box which showed a great toy on it. What he didn’t know was that my father saved all the boxes and used them year after year (along with the wrapping paper which was carefully folded and used again each year!). He would put this year’s gift in an old box and call it a day! I told my son don’t ever trust a box when it comes from Grandpa! My father laughed and laughed and my son learned to not ever trust a box that comes from Grandpa. It just might hold that dreaded underwear! :slight_smile:


My Uncle Gary is planning to have a Pet Turkey Funeral for Thanksgiving this year cause of covid 19 since at a funeral you can have 30 people and a Thanksgiving dinner is only the people who live with you. So Tom Turkey is his pet this year.

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My 92 year grandmother had been known to “creatively acquire” items from restaurants; salt shakers, sugar packets, silverware, dishes, etc. One Christmas at my sister’s house, I was packing up her goodies to take back with her to the assisted living facility. While moving her purse, I heard jingling. I peeked when Grandma wasn’t looking and there in her purse was one of my sister’s holiday napkin rings with a jingle bell on it! I let it go and told my sister that I would get it back form her once she forgot about it. A week later, I found it in the top drawer of her dresser, took it, and returned it to the rightful owner. After 14 years, we still laugh about it.

A few years ago, my family was preparing to celebrate Christmas together. My brother called and asked if his partner, Troy, could bring a costume, and dress up for the kids. They had bought stuffed animals to hand out. This sounded like a great idea and both my sister and I were onboard! My brother and his partner showed up and after a bit they snuck out to get Troy in costume. We all expected a Santa costume or something festive. Imagine our suprise when he walked in wearing a giant and realistic Fox costume. Two children began to scream and the third stuck her head in a box. Discovering that this was not a good situation, we told Troy that he better leave the house and get changed, the kids were just too frightened. My brother and Troy walked outside. WE began to calm the children down and re-assure them that the giant fox was gone, when the giant Fox head popped up in our living room window and he knocked and began waving at the children. This ensued a whole new round of terror. The kids hid and began crying. Needless to say, this terrify experience how gone down in family history as the never forgotten “Christmas Fox Incident”.

For as long as I can remember my Mom has always hosted Thanksgiving dinner at our home. She made all the fixings. Turkey, stuffing, homemade noodles, sweet potatoes, cranberries and pumpkin pie… I recall asking my mom why she makes sweet potatoes when no one likes them. Her reply was “ I make them for your Uncle Rail.”
Years later on Thanksgiving day we were all around the table eating and talking and the subject of sweet potatoes had come up (Not sure why) but come to find out that my Uncle Rail does not like sweet potatoes, he only ate them every year because my mom made them. We all got a good laugh and after that she never made sweet potatoes again.

Many many years ago my mom decided to get my grandpa a gag gift for Christmas. She went to Spencer’s and bought him a pair of “mantyhose”. (Panty hose for men with room for…well, the hose! LOL) So here we all were, opening gifts with all of us kids gathered around the tree when pappaw opened his gift. Now mom thought he would open it, everyone would get a big laugh and that was it.

Pappaw had other ideas! He disappeared into his room when no-one was paying attention. The next thing we knew he was running down the hallway wearing nothing but the mantyhose! (He had a sock covering his " hose".) This happened probably 35 years ago. Needless to say that it’s something neither I nor my cousins will ever forget! I think there’s probably still a Polaroid or two still floating around somewhere!!

My hubby of 50 years just recently had open heart surgery. He was critical and the doctor told him if he didn’t have the surgery done he wouldn’t live for 6 months. After 6 blockages repaired, a new valve put inside his heart and a Pacemaker put into place, the only complaint he had was the fact that where they had shaved his chest for the surgery when it started to grow back it wouldn’t lie flat and it was very prickly. After all we had been through not knowing if he would live or die, he sure made us laugh!

My grandma who is 80 is quite frisky when she has a few drinks… my sister brought her new boy friend to the Christmas eve party to meet everyone… well grandma ended up slapping my sisters boyfriends but and then grabbed a hand full pinched it and laughed like a little school girl :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I wish I knew where to start! Haha. I have 7 siblings, yes 7 crazy siblings… let’s just say we are like the Brady bunch. All of my step siblings are the same age as my blood siblings and i. So every year on Christmas you as you would imagine yes… things get crazy! Last Christmas since I’m know to be the “bad” sibling because im the youngest… after all those years of being duck taped to computer chairs, put in a suit case and being thrown down the stairs… yes they really did that… and all the years of everyone picking on me… well I decided to prank every last one of them!! Ahah… I Booby trapped everything, 1 brother opened a door and got ice water all over then, 1 brother opened a cabinet and got silly stringed, 1 got pied, let’s just say it was crazy!! A very crazy day… and after everyone got pranked besides me… they all came after me and decided to duck tape me to a computer chair and take me out in the snow gliding down the street for a good 20 minutes. But at the end of the day, it was worth it because I finally got them back!! Ahah I’ll forever love all my crazy siblings!

The Christmas Tree Conundrum

Growing up we never had much, but what we did have is fun and one crazy Momma. The year I was 9, I remember my Mother deciding she could save money to buy gifts by cutting down a tree in the woods on our country acreage. The only issue being my Father absolutely refusing to allow her to do so. This wasn’t as much of an issue as I thought at 9 years old.

You see my father worked on the railroad. One day in early December, he got called in for a 3 day run and said: See, Linda, overtime; We have plenty for Christmas. He really should have known her better than that. The moment he kissed her bye, she was on the phone with her best friend,Frances, who owned the farm across the road. She sat us kids down with popcorn, string, and everything we might need to add to our assortment of decorations. By this time it was dark, but this did not deter them.

An hour later, we hear: y’all open the back door and get out of the way! As we obliged, the oldest of us, my sister saw the tree and the look on her face warned the rest of us. Momma and Frances drug the tree in the back door, and kept at it until the base was out the front door. They had cut down a 17 foot tree in the day 8foot ceilings were standard. By this time the adults were full of Christmas “cheer” and rolling on the ground laughing, while the kids were determined this was THE tree. Someone finally pointed out we could cut down the top and use it. My oldest brother measured and axed it right there in the middle of the living room.

Can you imagine the surprise on my Dad’s face when he got home from his trip to find a 10 foot around Christmas tree taking up a full 1/3 of the living room. You couldn’t see anything for that tree. It was glorious. Until the day he died, he never left the house in December without having a tree up.

Jennifer McCallum

It was my first Thanksgiving with my now husband. We all ate and were getting ready to leave when I look over and noticed his entire family suddenly sitting down staring at the TV. When I asked what was wrong my husband said, my cousin was just announced on AMERICAS MOST WANTED. Now this wasn’t a cousin we didn’t know, nope his MOM was sitting on the couch with everyone else. Yes they eventually caught him, and no hes not still in jail. This was 12 years ago.