Apple ID question ...non Facebook linked accts and freebies

I come across a issue of not being able to get freebies anymore

I’m wondering how you a pple ID or non linked members access the SolitareTripeaks Facebook page for freebies?
Any help …

As before it was simply done threw the new in your inbox of the game…as you can see here Facebook freebies


Ok so I have a acct not linked to Facebook or apple, (guest acct only linked to the harddrive or IP address of the phone)
It’s a older phone iPhone 5
I did finally get the freebies to work again accessing them as stated in the link below.
Facebook freebies
The only thing I could find was …
I had to close all open tabs and I also cleared my advanced safari website data…which is found under settings -safari-website data-delete…
Iv found a lot of mishaps that come on apple users game can be fixed by clearing this data :woman_shrugging:t2:…I’m not sure I have a better explanation but it seems to work a lot …
Goodluck and don’t forget the freebies SolitareTripeaks offers on there page…

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I’m having the same technical problems not being able to get my daily freebies. I have an Apple Pro Max Cell Phone with 256 GB. I’m just wondering when the will repair this problem.

I have also been having issues lately w my Apple tablet, it has plenty of memory but is getting very old5+ years old…
I’m not sure how old yours is but I do know the older the device the harder things get …like getting into the game, collecting freebies and so on…
Since the 1st post I have now linked my acct to Facebook some days the freebies will work other days no , and I have to try again later.
Goodluck to you.

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I have an Apple Pro Max 256 GB and via my Cell Phone plan I purchased an extra 2 GB. I never have any problems with any of my other apps.

The speed on my phone is very good. I don’t have any technical problems doing anything else.

Have a Blessed Day Tasha! I’m going to upload several missed Freebies to the Support Center.