Anyone know about Powerups?

Has anyone gotten the newest scheme (hehehe) on the game…Roku’s Powerups? A teammate did, but can’t tell her anything, since didn’t get it myself. Thanks.


@Colibri I just got it. I have no clue about it. But have to wait 14 hours for a new Daily Quest.

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Yes but no clue. It says to read the blog. I haven’t found it yet. I had to go back to the game in order to access the Blog under the News tab. It appears it isn’t viewable to everyone.

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@Rhonda_Follis, thanks…wow 14 hours!

@Barb12393106, Thanks…I also looked for info, including FB page, and eventually stopped searching about it. Yes, nothing in my “News” tab…probably testing it first on some folks.

Yes I got the new powerups loving it.

Read a bit on it when I finally got the blog: Introducing Roko’s Powerups! – Solitaire Tripeaks Blog

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Daily quest run on a 24 hr timer just like other quest, for me it resets every day a midnight (central time) just like my daily perks I collect each day.
I finish daily quest quickly and yes now the timer comes up it stinks to have a reality check on how long you have to wait .


I have it also I was confused on a few things but have figured some out
My biggest thing was which orb to use on which bonus…
Hers a picture that showed how to tell which orbs can be used…
**you can see it by either touching the card and it flips over to tell you how long it will be activated and which orb
Or if you don’t flip it you can see the background of the card matches the orb color.
Hope this helps your players…
I can also try to help with anything else they have but I to am learning Iv read the blog a few times but it’s not very helpful my opinion. Iv add red marks to the backgrounds and circled the one that I flipped over


@Tasha Thanks…I only have the blog so good to know all this when I do finally get.


Thank you for posting the link. I shared it on my Club’s message board. Apparently, this is in beta testing because not everyone got the update.


Tell them to go to the inbox in the news…works on the Dig too….

I got it, but I have know idea how to use it.

I have it and am curious what happens when you use a card when you are only part way to another level up. 2 more cards takes you to level 2 and then 4 more cards to level 3. If you use the feature with 2 cards towards level 3, does it leave you with 1 card towards level 2 or do you start all over next time you get the card. Now I don’t see much difference between level 1 and level 2 cards, you may as well use level 1 card 2 times than level 2 and get essentially the same result if you have the orbs. Also are you limited to 5 orbs of each type? So a new chest won’t give you an orb if you already have 5??? It is interesting, but frankly I disagree with the value of some of the cards. Gold Tiki is epic, really? one half hour of gold tiki is epic? Rather have a half hour of free play which is only rare. Now if level 3 of gold tiki is 6 hours or so, then maybe. But most of the cards don’t seem that interesting or useful. Especially for higher level club members.

Maximum orbs is 5 of each. I got a 6th green orb and they gave me 1,000 coins instead.

Tried the first boost today going with the remove hazard. Problem is the start of the game is slow with the booster displayed and if I start playing cards quickly before it is finished, it doesn’t remove a single trap at the start. I have to wait for it to do it or it won’t happen.

I don’t like the leveling up as it appears to go from 15 minutes to 30 minutes to 45 minutes. And the number of cards to level up increases from 1 for level 1 to 2 more for level 2, 4 more for level 3 and 7 more for level 4 (not sure the time there, but probably an hour). Message is clear to play them at level 1 if you have the orbs or need the boost. But I don’t find most of the boosters to be that useful. Streak and time are only good to get better red stars. Gold tiki only good at start of club week without gold tiki, and as I said the level ups should more than double since it takes basically double the number of cards at each level to level up. Only reason I played the first orb today was because I had 5 orbs already and was at level 2 with no extra cards on that power up. Have been trying to see how good the leveling up is, and am very disappointed with that. It also really slows down the game.

Agree, it does slow down the game.

I’ve received it, it’s pretty awesome, you use your orbs to activate them, but just like anything that is good it’s short lived, you do your daily personal quests just like usual, you get a totem next to it, fill that up with completed quests and you will get your powerups and orbs to activate them

It would have been nice if we were given a really good explanation of how this works. Some of the cards aren’t terribly useful. But here is the real way it works. You collect cards for the 7 different boosts available. The cards keep leveling up the more cards you get which lengthens the time for the booster when activated. You activate the booster and then it takes an orb of that type away. The card and level of the card stay. So as you get more levels on the card, the effect lasts longer when activated. You have a limit of 5 orbs of each type you can hold without using, otherwise you cannot get any more of that type unless you use it. So make sure your orb count is below 5 for each type before finishing a totem stack or make sure you use one that you have 5 of before opening a new totem chest. The first 2 cards (first part of streak and 15 second time extension are good for chasing red stars. The one extra card in deck and remove 1 exposed hazard at start of game are not particularly useful. Freeplay is always good, the remove black cards somewhere in the deck is not very useful (I would certainly use the freeplay repeatedly rather than that for rare orbs. And gold tiki card at level start is good at the beginning of a perk week for higher level club players. I have used 2 basic orbs so far and have 5 basic 3 rare and 1 epic orb I am currently holding. Will use another basic orb before I finish the next totem. Not sure which I will use, but just to get progress for the chests from orb use, I don’t want to lose any when I open a new totem chest. Will probably use freeplay and gold tiki after the perk week reset. They will continue to level up with more cards even after you use the boost. Again, only the orb gets removed when activating a boost, not the cards.

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Bump, power ups are back.