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Best of luck!


Request to join fun n the sun 2 we have 1 opening. Request u to play everyday, do tributes help with 6 for the golden tiki card which we get every event would like you to at least get 10,000 min : @ ) ty peace n love All


Sure sounds like my lind of club


Steel City club is looking for players willing to play daily. Contribute towards team quests. Earn 2500 daily. Notify us if you can’t play


Please give us a try


Looking for a few good members that love to play. We only have three rules we stress about which is no idle more than 18 hours, say max when you max the cq and daily limit of 3500 pts. We are a great group of layed back ppl with no drama. So come check us out at Gliding Tikis

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Looking to find committed players to join my club! We have been getting better but we need more dedicated players to join so we can keep moving through the ranks! The club name is Ravenclaw Tiki. Please let me know if you are interested!

Kyumi is in need of strong, daily players! We are a great platinum team who just a couple weeks ago were so close to leveling up to diamond! We require active chat, club quest completion noted in chat, 20k weekly/10k by Sunday and no idle longer than 20 hours. Many of us have been together a long time but some have left recently due to time constraints. We are supportive and understanding of occasional absence. We really want to build our team back up. Please request an add to Kyumi and let’s make diamonds together!

Long Friends is looking for a few new team players. You must play daily, play tributes plus add team points. We love to chat and gave fun. We are a Gold Team

Club I’m no1 is looking for players, we’re a pretty laid back club, 17,000 weekly. We usually get 5 perks, and occasionally 6. Drama free

Thank you for good information.:grinning::grinning:

“let’s have fun” is looking for strong players to fill several positions. 4K daily, club quests a must and post maxed in chat when completed. We ask that guests that join change their names so we can keep it fair when members have maxed, hard to know which guest has maxed. Very friendly, chatty & family oriented group. We complete 6 perks weekly & usually seven. Come check us out we would love to have you… lets have more fun!

Hi I’m interested in joining ur club. I love to play and I play every day or at least every other day.

Looking for some dedicated players. Only need to at least get 15,000 a week and participate in quests. Join the Turn Up Team.

Island Hopper CLUB MOTTO: Help with club quests, remember club gift, 6K min. Will be removed after 2 days idle.

We are looking for 3 players :slightly_smiling_face:

I need a new club. Had a great club but since I got my internet back have struggled. Hate playing when others don’t want to. Like hitting goals.

HI THERE.! JOIN ‘JUST A GAME’ Ambitious public but fun team,no drama, on our way to platinum! Dale is a great lead…3k daily, daily log in, actively work on quests, read chat, let us know when idle. We boot out noncontributors. It’s a super club!!!

The name of my club is Takoda. I only have 4 players including myself! Because it’s a new club it’s a rookie club! I am not a rookie player myself! I am looking for players who love the game and play at least every 2 days, use chat, play tributes, club quests a must and say maxed when you have! Club gift box, work on same perk!! Players must know how to follow the rules!! They are basic!! There is no minimum set as of yet because I want to gauge the players first! Plus if you are a rookie player it could take a week just to get 1,000 points! Which sucks!!! I don’t want to be the only one doing the playing anymore because it takes all the fun out of the game!! So if you are looking for a club it is set to public!! But please let me know that you have read the rules!! I will also be looking for a co-leader/s so if you are interested let me know!!! Thanks

Chem vstúpiť do klubu

Looking for a new group