2 Accounts ISO Club that DIGS!

Hi there! I’m a friendly but also competitive player. So competitive in fact, that I made a whole second account to help my club with the dig competition. I always qualify and use at least 45-48 shovels between my two accounts. I have and will use gold and items to make sure I get as many shovels as I possibly can. I use shovels strategically to maximize my club’s chances at 1st place.
My issue is my current club. Although filled with friendly people, the club is lacking. Several people qualify for the dig and never use shovels and I’m frustrated. I go above and beyond for the dig and I’m looking for a club that does the same.
I’m a stay at home mom, homeschooling two little girls so I can’t devote all my time to the game but I log in daily and complete club quests in an effort to help my team. I’m interested in a club that is competitive enough to do well on the digs but laid back enough that I won’t get kicked if I happen to slack on club points, once in a while.
If you have a club that loves to dig and room for two more accounts, please consider me. Thank you!


No Drama Lamas would love to have you we are rebuilding and need ambitious players come check us out (•‿•)

CORY’S CABANA is seeking some players since we list a few due to changes in their life. We are a finding team. With only 22 players right now, and 2 of them are me, we aren’t always making quests. When we’re at full strength we rock! Let me know if you’d like an invite or more info

Oy, I should’ve checked for typos before I hit send. I meant friendly, forgiving team.

Please join The Musketeers!!! We would love to have you!

Come join Tiking Tiki. Friendly, supportive and understand life happens.

Hi, Cloud Atlas has members that always go all the way in, in the dig. We just love it and 24 shovels on everyone has happened and, the 1place is ours if we have enough players and they not go all soloplaying and dig the min shovels all over the place! :scream::woozy_face::hot_face: I just runs hot in those moments. :thinking::wink::grin::joy::joy:
We have extras to help the club, the extras stay in our resting club Clouds At Rest until we need them or we are helping our friends in other teams bf we join our main club to play there. We have 2 extras in club now, we can deff use a CQ maxer in house. We love to win and my Supreme Team are the best! :star_struck::heart_eyes::sparkling_heart:
So proud to be a part off this team that always do their best and their part even if life gets hard. :sparkling_heart::rose::sparkling_heart:
We are a relaxed club with no drama, and a friendly gang who plays when we can, having fun and go to rest when days ahead get all focus, bc life do happens and comes first. :blush::heavy_heart_exclamation:
We get our perks latest sunday and we have all 7 bf reset as we always do even with only 18 in club, we never surrender. :wink::grin::smiley:
So if you not have found your team yet, we just love to have you, come and check us out and please just ask if you wonder about anything.
If you want to take a look, we are on invite only in CA and the door is open in CAR, and you will find me in both clubs. I am deff the chatty one…lol. :wink::grin::joy:
Join our rest for a look, tell me who you are and then I give you invite and room in CA if you find us suitable. You will be so welcome. And hope you do, we like god diggers and players, and always want a good fit to stay with us, thank you and maybe we see you and have a chat?

Hi Courtney,

I can understand your frustration and I think you a sincere and competitive player thank you for sharing your story. I stopped playing
this game a few month ago. The reason for my decision wasI was asked if I want to join a new club I think the club’s name was les mystic. So I decided to join. Of course you think you been asked to join the club because you are a competitive player. I did not take me to long to catch up and reach the top 6 players. One day I went all out to reach the third best player we traded places a few times but ended up winning which was not easy in this club to make 3. Place. I thought that is why they asked me to join. The next day I learned they kicked me of the club! No reason given I could not believe it and the worst thing about it I was not able to collect the clubs winnings! I was upset of course so I decided to stop playing the game. I found some other games similar but they don’t have club competition!
I think there are plenty of clubs out there some of them are very private I guess but I am sure you will find a club that is right for you and value your ambitious playing! I never was a club “owner” but I would ask you in a :heart: beat!

Are you still looking? I have the club for you:
Perktacular is a friendly, chatty, and competitive, yet laid back, club.
Our requirements are 35k weekly, 5k by Friday, 15k by Sunday, 18hr idle.
Club Quests are mandatory, and we play competition fairly…usually take first.
We need daily active players…and we get 7 perks, and often move between Diamond and Legend. Hope to see you there soon!

Hi, I think our club may meet your needs. We are the beach lovers. Check us out. We have 2 openings.

Check out my club.We are called time off. We have room for your 2 accounts.

Maxx is looking for like minded players. We made room and some teammates are friends or family

I would like an invite. I play daily.

I would like to extend an invitation to you to come check out my club, time off. We are in the gold league.We have several spots available. We would love to have you check us out.

Hi! Please join our team “Mayhem A Go Go.” We are friendly and yet competitive with many longtime players. We only have 18 b’cuz I don’t tolerate slackers. We are rebuilding and would love to have you. Request to join and I’ll accept you right away. Barbara

Hi Ceeshelles, I have a small clan, NC Tikis, I would love to have you if are not already in a clan. I will be weeding the unruly people out starting today. I have one rule, that is you have to have a name and avatar. Look me up, I need new and competitive members!!
Beverly Clapp

Aloha Souls needs a good player like you

Check us out - DJ’s. We are Platinum to diamond team. Our frustration is that we need YOU! We want someone who can be trusted to complete club quests and consistently hit 20+ digs, no free loaders! Please send us a request to join. You will fall in love with our team!

Hey Dawn, can you send me your club rules?

We are a fun group.We play comps, dig every time.The big thing is you have to read and participate in chat. Give us a try,we are time off.