Winning from 1- 5 wilds

I am disappointed in in the Geat Race I only won 3 this time. I was number two last time and before that was pretty good also
But I just don’t understand how they group people in. And why is there are no 4 wilds I saw ,5 -1. -3. No 2 or 4. Wilds why is that. And the first person had over 280 plus. I had 127 I think. I was up at getting 5 but got bumped way back to getting 3
No one was getting 4 because it jumped way up to 5 so why is there no 4 wilds. No in between
I liked it the first time and second. But I will have to wait and see what happens next time.I saw no 2; either. So 2 and 4 were missing. Why is that ? I was number 2 last time 2,nd place this time I was 10 the place. And I forgotten what I was the 2 nd time but I got 5 wilds. Did they change it or what. This is as bad as the other one playing for the wilds…
Anyone else seem to have problems

I am pretty sure it’s random selection for the groups, the one I was in the ,#1 spot was 67 wins. The last great race it was ridiculously high the #1 was in the 150’s. I didn’t compete to go to 1st, I like this version better because no matter what you do get 1 wild at the minimum, and I am good with that


It’s when you enter the great race that you are assigned a group. I joined 2 hours later than usual and the group I was in I had to win more games than usual to get into the top 5. This time I had 191 wins which put me in 5th place, the last time I had 175 which put me in 1st place.

I like it because I am, at least, guaranteed 1 wild, where I used to get nothing at all. I always thought this was a waste of a day.


I guess after reading some of these replies it actually is probably better. Yep at least we get one no matter what. Which is good. But I just can’t believe the big difference in the groups… But I guess I will go with the flow…lol