Will a member only receive their rewards following the end of a tournament...

…once they log back into the club OR can they be deleted before the end of the tournament and still receive their rewards?

I have read in the forums that team members could be removed prior to the tournament ending and because they contributed to it, they would still receive them but I want to be 100% sure of that.

Yes, they should still receive, if they joined another club before perks are rewarded they get the perks the current club gets

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Thank you so much! I appreciate your response. That clears up my confusion.

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So if they join another club before reset, they won’t get the rewards from the club they were booted out of or left from? They would only get the current clubs rewards?

Yes, that is correct

So you HAVE to join another club to get your previous week’s club rewards? I unintentionally went over our designated idle time by a bit. Good grief, I was able to login in the morning one day and not until evening the next and got booted right before rewards. Such a nice move by a “friendly” club.