Wild Card as Totem Bonus

Wow, in the you learn something new everyday… I just won a wild card as my reward for the totem bonus. I did not know you could do that. :raised_hands: I had only won coins in the past! Thank you great totem. :wink:


Just in case u didn’t know, if u look at the top of the totem at the beginning of the game it’ll have a coin symbol or wildcard. That way you’ll always kno what you’ll receive if ur able to get it. :blush:


Thank you @DawnAmi! I did not know that! :slightly_smiling_face:


As a newbie, I would love to hear how to get the extras. How do you see how much of the club quest you have done? Do you know if there is a place to see what kind of boosters you have available to you before you start a game? Like the wave blasters, torches, bomb blasters etc?


@DawnAmi YES! Any inside info you’ve learned and would share would be most appreciated! :raised_hands:

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What’s a totem bonus?

What is a totem bonus?

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@Mariacosen The totem first appears in Monkey Falls in the Tiki Skies. It requires you to give it a certain card and suit. For example a 3 of clubs. If you are able to, you can give that card OR a three of ANY suit AND any club card. If you win the game you get a totem bonus. Sometimes it’s coins ~OR as I just recently found out, a wild card. You can see at the top of totem which prize you’ll win.


Ok, I see. Thanks for responding so quickly! :blush:


@nalaxu Before you play each game the boosters that could be used for that game are shown. If you have that booster there will be a number showing how many of those boosters you have. Once the game starts the booster icons move to the top right, your volcano and wild cards are on the bottom right and will also have a number if you have one available to use. That’s the only way I know of to show your booster count.


Would love to know the answers to all the questions you posed

@lauramck65, @Birdiegirl13 answered a couple of those questions above. Awesome Birdie. Thanks!

As far as hidden coins, there is a post that tells where to find them:

Where are the Hidden coins

Happy playing!


How do you check I don’t know and I also don’t know how to get extra coins