Why is the watch video not working? 2 days says I've reached my max!!

Why is the watch video not working? 2 days says I’ve watched my maximum!

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I would send in a complaint and ask them to investigate your issue

Unfortunately it depends on the area you are in, do send a ticket anyways, but because ads are “bonus coins” they don’t compensate for it, but if it’s a glitch on their end it’s good to notify them by logging onto the game, click your profile picture and than click help, submit a ticket that way, under the glitch category

I’ve tried that. They just tell you absolutely nothing.

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It doesn’t even let me watch - it keeps telling me ‘ads are not available, try again later’.

If you are using the videos to get to tributes, they count as your quota of videos.


You may also need to update the app - it often freezes functions until you update.

Make sure your internet is working properly and you don’t have too many windows open. Then keep coming back and it will let you into ads.

Same here! I watch the video but get no free drop. NOT FAIR