Who becomes new leader

I’m sorry if this has been asked & answered but I couldn’t find it. Our team had a leader & 2 co-leaders. Co-leaders each joined 4months apart. Who becomes new leader, the person who has been there longer or the person who made champ more often?

I hope it’s one who has been there longest, but I have a feeling it will passed on to a Co-Leader [due to their title] who is active and may depend on their longevity, if not points.

It wasn’t the person who was there the longest. She is a co-leader & the person who became the new leader actually became a co-leader because of the 1st co-leader. Not sure if it will cause bad blood but hope not since it’s just a game. Been watching on the sidelines but was curious what the process was

Agree, it is just a game, so hopefully all goes well with your club.

Thank you,I’m also hoping for the best

Ducky funny you ask this in Daimond empire we whet through this at Christmas, or leader went dark for over 2 weeks the problem was the only co leaders mom was sick and needed help with the team and picked 2 Co leader, the game demoted the leader and picked the co leader that spent money on the game, I was way more active on notes and in the game but our new leader doesn’t even read notes during competition digs 20 random holes and has no clue how the club is doing, I’m leading the club now with the original co leader, I contacted the game but no response, it suck but there all about the money

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I’m sure there are no hard and fast rules. When our last leader left he appointed someone to take over who had been with the club a good while and was a good and fair player. It’s just what everyone is happy with.

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The game made me leader when the leader left because I was in first place at the time. It didn’t give me much warning. I had only been playing a couple of months and hadn’t a handle on everything. But us trumpsters are now doing great after 3 years and we have made some great friends.

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Thank you @Sue_Smith . ended up becoming leader now & we’re all learning. Hopeful we can rebuild too

I started my club in2018 KIKIBIRD72 was in the hospital later on and when I came back was demoted to co-leader.I spend more and do more Tributes and other things than others and the new leader. Just wondering how I get back to leader . Also, what do I do if I want to disband my club. Does anyone no what to do?

The current leader would be the only one to give back leadership. To disband the club, the leader would have to remove all members and then leave the club once all members have been removed.