Where to Buy Tribute Doublers?

Last month, i recd some Tribute Doublers to try. I did. i recd some more. I liked using them, but cannot find where to buy them. They are in the Guide, so it seems as if they are staying, but the only way to get them is to click on a Cool the Volcano ad that pops up periodically. I have tried Support, but they do not have a topic and the bot does not know what to do. If anyone knows anyone that is with support, please ask them what is going on and let me know. A post on the Face Book page would be good, too. Thank you and God bless us all.

These are Tribute Doublers. If you have them, the icon pops up when playing tributes. You finish a round, receive tributes, hit the tribute doubler icon and receive 5 more tributes. Your club points balance increases by about 50% and you do it again.

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I seen it posted here also, they aren’t available to purchase yet, it was an error them adding them to the features, and they haven’t corrected that yet as they are still in the testing process.

When starting a ticket, I just went to the topic feedback/ something else


Thank you! I thought there was somewhere i was not looking. Appreciate it! I hope they become available soon.

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