When are Club Quest Coming Back?

I think we have been without Club Quests since early February. All we ever hear is that it is being worked on and being released soon. Back in early April I saw a post that you indicated it would be soon, soon to me would be a few weeks, not almost 2 months.

There have been a lot of new things rolled out in the last 5 months, my team would rather you work on getting the Club Quests up and running and the Boat feature back then constantly releasing new features, which we all don’t get anyway. I am the leader and still don’t have the new Daily Login Bonus, still stuck on the one Free Play and I also do not have the new club notes while my regular members do.

Please update us on when or if we will get the Daily Club Quests back. I have had members quit because they are so disappointed and fed up with all the promises and the inequities in the game.


The notes is a feature that is being tested. I just today recieved the new daily bonuses, so at least everyone should be getting that one


I understand it is being tested but why not give it to the leader and co-leader but to regular members who can’t use it, doesn’t make sense. I have members asking what it is because they can see it but I can’t post since I don’t have it.

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Would love to get the club quests back but I’ve been without my daily quest since April 14th. Been told the Developers are working on it and it should be fixed on the next update whenever that may be!

What ARE club quests? I know I used to do them, but cannot remember how or why!

They are like your daily quests you complete but members of the club, generally 18-22 members had to help with whatever the task was, win 24 games each or 48 stars each etc. Once they were completed every club member received the reward and then another would pop up, just like our daily quests.

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Regarding Club Notes: iPhone/iPad users update was released yesterday that has the notes and the ships fix. I believe Android users got their update a few days early. With the update, I started getting the new daily rewards too. I actually had to uninstall the game and reinstall to get the update as the store showed new release but didn’t give update option.

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Darlene, you are quite knowledgeable about this game, and I appreciate your willingness to share what you’ve discovered!