What's a Club To Do?

Karma was a strong Platinum/Diamond team. For different reasons, 10 of our players had to leave (teachers dealing with distance learning, storm damage/cleanup, etc.) Now new players to the group that are ambitious leave right away because we don’t even have enough players to qualify for Club Quests. How do we find good players and convenience them to stick around awhile? I love playing with the players that are still here, but fear they too will bale and find other teams soon.

I know how you feel there our club was diamond then lost few members went to platinum league then couldn’t get out of that league so we re grouped went and helped a club about 10 of us then our club went down to gold but now we fully strong in diamond holding 5th at the moment we have a few spots for no time wasters we ask 5k a day over 250 tributes and complete club quests and club competitions too let us know how your club is going as we have 2 spots

We are in the same situation. 2yrs in Diamond league and now we struggle to find people that actually play - or will stay long enough for us to be able to do that.
Ideally we need 10 new people. It’s been a while since you posted but if might have any interested in a club merge, let me know. Our strong 15 players very very consistently do anywhere between 40-100k every week each.