What is the totem in tiki skies about

I don’t understand what I’m supposed to do

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I have added the screen shot, on mine ot says 4 spades and a coin icon on top. If you have a spade card put it in the totem and a 4 than also put it in the totem, or if you have the 3 of spades than the totem will be complete. When you win the game it pays sometimes 950 coins or 1000. Some totems have a wild card on top. If you win the game, than you get a wild card for the bonus! ! Also, on the forum click FAQ there is tons of info about all the extra features in the game.


You throw what card it needs. You can use it to ur advantage too. Example, if you have 2 of the same card and ur totem has that suit or number u can click that card to the totem then u can use the duplicate to continue the cards. Hope that makes sense. Also if u completed the totem it closes n at end of game u get a 1000 point bonus.