What is the problem with the coin exchange?

Hi, so some of our players are not able to request coins suddenly…
They have done the entire disconnect from FB steps and it has not resolved the issue. (Including the privacy settings)
They have asked GSN for help multiple times over the last week and half with no assistance.
I saw someone on here had this issue and GSN resolved it… however it was never stated how it was resolved.
Suggestions please?
All the typical steps have been done.

I think they are still working on a resolution. It is a Facebook issue and must be more than a simple fix. Hopefully we aren’t going to lose the free coins.


I haven’t been able to Request, Send, or Receive coins since July 23. When can we expect this to be fixed?

Hopefully soon. I know they have been working on it as I contacted support.

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The last time I was able to send or request coins was Saturday, July 21st. The last time I received coins was Monday July 23rd, and that is only because I still had coins available from the previous day . . . I have sent multiple help desk tickets for this, but the response has been to force stop the apps or uninstall and reinstall both apps. Nothing seems to fix the issue. I would really like to be reimbursed for the 60,000 coins I typically got per day! And, I’d really like to be able to send coins to my friends as well!

Have you added new friends? I had this problem when I added a new friend for coin exchange. Once I deleted them I could receive coins. There are still problems with sending coins because her name is still there but they eventually roll and I can send out coins I know this is a pain but try asking for coins first using your older friends. Then request coins from new ones one at time to see which one is causing the problem. Then delete them as a FB friend.


Nope. Didn’t work. wish it did!

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Bummer!! Mine is still hanging in there.

Same problem here. Tried all I know and all I’ve been told to try.

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I have tried EVERYTHING! I feel like I need to start a new profile . . . but my leader has been locked out too, so I would never be able to get back to my team!

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I also have the same problem and opened two tickets which they put into 1. They never directly answered any of my questions, only gave me 60,000 coins and said that was it and that’s all they were able to help me with. Still unable to collect coins or send coins. It’s frustrating because I’m a co-leader and I’m supposed to set an example and meet certain criteria and inrefuse to spend any more cash. Hoping they fix this quickly.

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@Cindy_Gerstenmaier_F, put in a new ticket everyday. They don’t normally combine them. Maybe include the date in the ticket.


Wow! Lucky you got any coins. I received nothing expect for crappy suggestions!

J’ai le même problème

I have the same problem

@Karine_Suzie_Bernard, I hope they fix that soon!

I know right? I went back and unfriendly Ed a few new people to when the problem started and now I can send requests again. I just can’t help because those same people are locked into the group asking for coins so it won’t go through.


Same with me @Cindy_Gerstenmaier_F. I’m glad I can receive coins for sure. Every once in a while I think the requests for coins are scrambled around and I can send a few out. Sure hope they are getting there alright.


@Kokua, you know you can ask more than the default 50 friends on your list for help right?

For anyone who needs it, here are instructions on how to do that:

Player Hints and Tips - Asking Friends for Help



Yes I do! My problem is in sending the coins. I’ve deleted people who have interfered with my coins requests. But there is an unknown that is in my send that doesn’t allow any of the group to go out.