What is the most important thing you learned in school

The most important thing I learned in school was that everyone comes from different backgrounds, raised with different values yet each and everyone can make positive contributions when we listen. I was elected both Student Council president & class president. Why because I learned early every person has likes & dislikes, each has goals & its important to use the skills of each by putting them in position to succeed. Our student council worked to help fund the prom, donate our time to the needy in the community etc. as class president I met with groups & listened to concerns ideas of each to improve situations within the school to improve student life. These endeavors lead me to a career as a manager in the retail food industry. I watched as others managers tried to lead by force but I learned in high school it is much easier to lead by gathering information from everyone and making decisions on what was best for the group. The old saying 2 heads are better than 1 works when you get everyone on board striving to reach the same goal.

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I learned something new everyday 8n life an at school I learned to be nice till 3 pm bell rang

How to read and write!!!

I learned that doing your best is a comfort and self motivation. Also if you know you done your best then no matter what others think or say . you ARE the BEST!!

I learned something new every day and you can never ask a stupid questiion.

Now when I think back on high school, which as kids we all think is so rough, I learned that I should have been more thankful to be there. Not have rushed, as we do, to be out here, yikes! Lol

Reading, writing, math and social skills

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