What is the best order to play tournament?

Please give me some insight.

The order of the perk will depend on many factors: the league you’re in, how many members you have and the objective of the team as a whole, etc., since the club points needed to complete each, varies. For our club [Platinum] as an example, the order are as follow: 2-1–6 → (4-5-3) (5-4-3) (4-3-5). Our team wants to get golden tiki [wild card] early, but want the daily rewards for perks 1 & 2 as well.

Below is information on what it take to complete each perk and hopefully that will help you and your team decide on what is best, since it will be depend on what each can contribute to the club.


I have noticed that the game changes the wild card reward to a different perk number weekly. My club checks the rewards on a new week to see how they perk rewards have changed before we decide order to set up for that week.

Th Matthew for the info. Much appreciated :blush::blush: