What is Perk Order Order and how does it work

Help, I’m feeling really stupid. What does it mean and how does it work when members talk about picking perk order. I play what appears. what are 1,2,3,4,5,6?

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Perk order is what you and members of your club will complete in the order the leader, co- leaders, or even members agree on, as each perk can either be easy or extremely hard. Depending on the league you’re in OR knowing what members are able to accomplish daily, can help determine the perk order, as perks goes from easy to extreme. It’s also important to know the amount needed to complete each perk before you reorder the perks.


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My club smart moves and I usually run in order 1,2,3,6,4,5 depending on the special perk,or what perk 6 has to offer this week.then we run it ,123465

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So when I play what appears on my game, does that mean the team leader chose which perk appears? If I don’t have to make a decision, then I’m OK. Are there advantages to the order?

I have rearranged the perks before, since we can’t finish 6, it doesn’t seem to make a difference. I moved 4 and 5 up so we could get the extra rewards earlier but the game just moves the extra reward to the one that wasn’t second. I am talking either 10% off more cards or 10% more on goal points.

Do perks start on Monday?

Perks resets every Thursday night about 9pm PT; you can see the countdown on the top right side, above Perks. [tap CLUBS]. Red star leaderboard resets Sunday night, about 11pm PT.

Leaders or co-leaders can reorder the perks without moving any perks and saving; this is helpful especially if there are members on the team who tapped help next to a perk not being worked on…this will force all to work on the same perk so that it can be completed.

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