What causes the Volcano to rise?

This seems to be an ongoing question and a lot of people disagree. What makes the volcano rise??? If you win your game does it rise, or does it not? I am of the understanding it does not rise when you WIN the game, only when you LOSE. Loss of game, but good pay out causes it to rise. Win the game and it stays dormant. Which is it and how do we settle this once and for all?

I believe it rises the most for games you win that do NOT have tributes.
I think the only way you can determine definitively would be to experiment in a club where you are the only member. It’s hard to tell cause and effect when there are 25 people all playing and winning differently.

I thought it was if you didn’t play tributes. We had one member that never played tributes, and the volcano would get red-hot!!! Never exploded, though!
Does anyone know what happens if it actually explodes?

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We actually did an experiment last perk week, we found if we were losing it didn’t move and if we were winning it didn’t move, however when we moved into a new hour it started getting angry. So we decided that it has 2 factors, 1- ignoring tributes made it angry and 2- it has to be fed x amount of tributes each hour to make it happy.


Agreed, it only can be fed by winning Tributes. The Volcano is on a strict Tribute diet. ; )


Yes it’s playing the tributes. If you don’t the volcano gets :rage: LOL


You must win Tribute Games for the volcano to cool (go down).


Does anyone know what happens if it actually explodes?

I’ve never actually seen it happen but from what I’ve read if it explodes it takes away your perk rewards until its cooled.

I believe you lose all of your perks and need to earn them back

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Really!?! You have to earn them back???

I believe technically, you lose your perks until you get enough tributes for the volcano to give them back. I don’t know how many tributes it takes. But you would be playing without the benefits of any perks you’ve already earned.

Yes all I can say is wow, ITS real the lava feels likes it’s running out of my I pad,volcano red hot making noises exploding everywhere! Three times couldn’t sleep 2-4 am wanted to play only had four players! So it exploded!yes took pointed would not let you play! Four hours one night! I should of filmed it, I was so shocked! Then told me it was over,I could play!

Read my message under Kate 4 I told it all yes it explodes hot red lava! Wow for hours, only had four players in our club! So it went off at night!

love your explanation :slight_smile: - I hope you’ve moved to a full club by now

Wow! Thanks for sharing!

your perk achievement go dormant, but you do not loose them. The volcano needs 60 tributes to cool down. A good team can manage.

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Wow! Thanks for the info!

Ours erupted for the first time since I started playing on a team…it pauses any ability to collect tributes so you can’t get perks or do anything with tributes :pensive:. Not sure how it cools off…my team went from 25 down to 13 with 9 completely active players. Big difference and I’m sure that’s why it erupted for the first time I’ve ever seen on my team