What are Tributes and maxing out club quests?

I play tripeaks a lot but have recently joined a club that has many requirements. Is this overkill or normal requirements for club members?

There is LOTS of information in the Forum that will answer your questions about what tributes and club quests are.

In response to your question about “overkill or normal requirements” : Can you be more specific? Do you mean 10,000 club points? Tributes? Every club sets its own requirements. The lower bracketed ones are usually less demanding; however, that isn’t always the case. I’ve played in Legend clubs that had less requirements than Gold clubs.

The real challenge is to find a club that meets YOUR requirements, and definitely one in which you enjoy playing!!! And, you always have the option to start your own club!!


I don’t think it’s overkill it seems like that club is a top tier gold league or a platinum league club so the requirements is a bit more than other clubs.
I have a club “Introverts R US” we have a few simple rules that might look like a lot at first too. Our club minimum is 20k weekly so if you want a change; check out our rules and stay if you like. We do require chat too but only to post when maxed CQs or ask questions