I really do think this game is a JOKE. DELETING IT IMMEDIATELY! I’ve easily spent over £1-200+ on this game, about £15 of that today to earn 50,000 coins. Spend it all in the slots, AND I DIDN’T WIN THE JACKPOT! JOKE! ABSOLUTE JOKE!

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I’ve played this game since 2018, honestly you just have to play with the mindset of losing. It’s like going to a casino and thinking you will win big when in actuality you would really have spent more in trying to win. To play this game you have to accept wins and loses and build coins [sometimes going to lower levels is best] I have not won the jackpot using the free medallions I get, but I am sure others have. This game for me is a brain exercise.


  1. Boosters does not always have to be activated before each play; sometimes they work best in the middle or near the end of a play.
  2. Avoid using “More Cards” or “Undo”
  3. Join a club, if you haven’t already, as the rewards are better if you work with a team.
  4. Find levels that pays out for you, but move around. If you stay on one level, it will eventually not pay out, like a slot machine.
  5. Get coins through “Friend Center” every 4 hours, but you have to reach a certain island first to activate this [unfortunately I don’t know which island you have to be at]
  6. Get your free coins every 20 minutes
  7. Go to the games Fan Page (https://m.facebook.com/solitairetripeaks/) for freebies. *In the game, go to “INBOX” and “News” tab and scroll to the bottom, “View” then “Like Us”

I hope my tips help; perhaps you and others who feel the same will try again. All games are pretty much the same…someone will always find something to dislike. I do have some dislikes in the game, so I don’t participate in some of them, as I will lose more coins than I want.


You expected to win the jackpot? Do you understand how many thousands of players play this game? Winning the jackpot is like winning the lottery in real life.
I have over 200 medallions, if I played them all I still wouldn’t win the jackpot. I play medallions about 50 or so at a time every once in a while. Don’t play it expecting to win it.
And my advice, never ever spend real cash……I’ve been playing this game over 4 yrs and have never needed to, or wanted to, spend my hard earned money on something I can’t even touch or use or benefit my life in any way. Just play for fun and the company of others.