Week Event Error

This week after playing the Big Race, on Oct 7th, and having scored the 5th place I ended up with nothing to show for.

When collecting my prize I got an error message saying

“ We were not able to retrieve your rewards, come back later”

So if it happens to anybody else please be sure to take a screenshot. The tab will not be available afterwards for collecting and when you submit a ticket, TriPeaks says that according to their records you were rewarded and that’s your loss. They don’t acknowledge the error message and you spend your time and resources for nothing! Or maybe just don’t play their events since they don’t take responsibility for the game errors.

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I understand.
My team mate sent a prize box I think a med. Well it didn’t give it to me. I snapshot it because it froze. And it was like stuck in mid air sort of. And it didn’t open. So I sent a ticket with the screenshot. It did no good it said I got it. I didn’t because it didn’t open and I didn’t get to send a thank you. So they lost out on that also. The second box I got. But hey that didn’t do any good because the thank you was in the first box. I guess they do want they want. So we were both out of stuff me and them…

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I don’t believe that I got my 3 volcano cards for this either. But I realized it too late.

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And I also think that I didn’t get all my thank you coins either.


And now they are saying that the prize this week were wild cards and not volcano!
And during all the conversation they simple ignore the error message. Very honest and professional.

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The exact same thing happened to me

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I had that happen before also. In their log it actually shows you hit collect, but no proof the reward is added. I know it’s a pain, but email them back!

Hi Tracy,
I already did but their speech is like a scratched record always stuck in the sentence “ our records show that you collected the rewards” already explained a lot of times that I hit collect ( that’s why the record shows it) but got an error message Saying it did not download. But they seem to think that the error message is wrong - would be funny if it wasn’t ridiculous.
They don’t believe and that’s it!!
What really upsets is the principle and the eternal standard answer with no concern for what we are saying.
But life goes on and I just wish them in the future the same treatment and courtesy.
Thanks for your suggestion anyway. :blush:


I give up on emailing them again about the gift box. The thing is two others sent the gifts also. That is what they are seeing. So it’s useless. You can’t argue with them. Being they are always right…Not !!!

Yes and I had that happen also, it took a few emails to fix it, but it’s time and persistence, it took quite a few for me, it seems like it’s a tiered system, generic response, another generic response, wrong response, than my ticket was moved to the next level, same response, it showed I collected but obviously it was not added and they just were not taking the time to see it, I emailed again along with the same screenshot showing the error, and a couple emails later it finally resolved. That is up to you if you want to continue, but it seemed once my ticket was than handled by the next tech I finally got my items

Same thing for me too. I’ve found there’s no point in contacting support as they don’t acknowledge there’s anything wrong. All I see is too many glitches in the game.

Happened to me too and the first response i got was explaining how to collect the prize. So all my explaining didnt even get read they just sent a generic response. So i told them that. I said if you read my complaint i told you exactly what I did and i did not get my prize. Still got nothing. Our records show…blah blah blah.

Yes, I know, it certainly is a process to go through what you should have easily been able to collect, it’s up to you if you 2ant to do the foot work to get the item,I always make a point to, it does take a few back and forth emails for the ticket to escalde to the next level

Thank you…I’m just now seeing this…Sometimes I’m too blond