Web Shop vs. In Game Purchases

My understanding is that if you ‘join’ the Web Shop, you lose the In Game gift. Is that true? Also, do you lose the ability to purchase from the game app?


I wouldn’t say “joining”, but you will need to either have a Scopely or Facebook account in order to access their webshop. By having either account, you will be able to accumulate loyalty points when you make a purchase through their webshop. No purchase is necessary to claim daily gifts or help unlock the club free gifts (requires 10 members) in the webshop.

The webshop and the game app are 2 separate entity; you can make purchases in either one, but will not get loyalty points if purchase is made through the game app.

You do not lose any free game gifts on the game app or webshop or even Facebook fan page. Rather, you are collecting more free gifts.


Thank you, Colibri. Are the packages and pricing pretty much the same for both?


I hardly do much purchasing, but here’s a comparison of the wilds on game app vs. Webshop. Keep in mind you get loyalty points if you make the purchase on the webshop.


Thank you. I’ll have to do some research on loyalty points. I’m guessing that you only earn them through purchasing…


Loyalty have their own key at the top. All purchases from the Store pay them and it is a good way to get more free stuff.

Thanks, Ritim, but the key words here are “All purchases from the Store pay them” - which answers the question that I’ve had. You DO have to purchase in order to get loyalty points. I seldom purchase and then only on DGD!!

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Yes you all … anyone who purchases from the webstore, gets loyalty points, and extra benefits!

I’m in Canada and have always used PayPal for in game purchases.
I noticed that although the site purchase is “cheaper” once i completed the transaction, using PayPal on the web shop that the price was actually more than in game purchases.
I suppose with the loyalty points one would break even.
I have not used credit card or my debit card on the web shop, so i don’t know if there is an extra chrge on those
Just thought I would put it out there as there seems to be an extra fee for the 3rd party purchase.