wants to be an active club

I’m the club leader for The Mermaids and I want to take my club from casual to an active club. I’m looking for new members who are engaged to help us complete perks, helps us do better in our league and enjoys the game.

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Hi, my name is Nance I’m the Leader of Autumn Breeze. We are gold now, but we were platinum before we lost 15 players. We have 8–10 good players. Two of them are great players and carry the team every week. The club is open. Please come and check us out ask for Nance and maybe we can come to some sort of arrangement all coming together to make one awesome team.

Are you still looking for new players? Message me back if you are and I will come join you as my club is not exactly a full deck of cards. Not on the same page as each other

DJ’S needs a solid, TEAM oriented player check us out!

Have u thought about merging with another group?

Sorry I didn’t see this earlier. Yes I’m still looking for new team/club members if you are interested please stop by. As of right now I’m the only active member of my club. Have a wonderful blessed day.