Volcano erupting 2-3 times a week

Help please for our small club, Reject Reality. The volcano is erupting 2-3 times a week and it has become very aggravating. Please advise. Thank you.


In order for your volcano to stop erupting and progression of your perk halted [since you can’t get the rewards for completed perks prior] your team MUST GET tributes daily. It takes approximately 60 tributes to cool down the volcano. One or two member getting tributes will not be enough since those only playing, but not getting tributes will also cause the volcano to rise and erupt.


Figure out who is constantly running it up. Warn them. If they don’t comply. Eliminate them.

No player “runs it up” :roll_eyes:

The volcano gets hot and builds up on its own as it is programmed to do, and then the players play must TRIBUTE GAMES to cool it back down thereby avoiding eruptions.

All members playing tribute games regularly will alleviate the meter ever raising very high in the first place.

:thinking: HUMM okIm gonna try to help solve Mr Volcano :volcano: eruptions

The volcano rises from getting club points. More points the higher it gets. Must play tribute games to cool it. If one or two is playing tribute games and others are scoring points it’s not gonna go down. It’s a good idea for everyone to post when they are on tributes so everyone active can also help. If you have a player with high points and low or no tributs that’s your problem. Tell them if they can’t help keep volcano down they are at risk of being removed from the team. We don’t let ours get halfway up before jumping on it. It takes 60 tributes to earn back your perks when it erupts. Good luck