Video Ads To Earn More Coins and Charging For Undo Move

I realize you need to make money but watching the video ads to earn extra coins has gone from about 30, then to about 10, and now it seems there’s a maximum of 3. Considering it costs 3000 coins to play one game I think the reducing the opportunity to earn coins via video ads to three is not helpful.
Perhaps you could reward games played with the opportunity to earn free coins by watching an ad. For example, if someone plays 10 games then they have the opportunity to watch 10 ads and earn a 1000 coins per ad.
Also, I would like to see that there is no longer a charge for undoing a move during a game. Other Solitaire games to not charge to Undo.


Or at least start offering free undos, like free plays, that would be cool!


Since yesterday morning-May 9th- I have been unable to watch any ad videos for more coins. Usually I get the message that ads are unavailable after I have watched 5 or 6. Is anyone else experiencing this? I actually uninstalled the game and reinstalled, thinking I would even lose the few coins I have left, but everything was fine when I reinstalled–except for the ad videos.

Yep I have had the same issue but if I wait maybe an hour they are back. Maybe try that?

I have been on and off the game for hours or more today, nothing. I contact customer service because I had a pop up ask me if I was having fun and I selected NO. So I was given the chance to send a comment. They replied back a little bit later but gave me a lame explanation. This is almost 2 days now with no opportunity to get extra coins for free with the ad videos.

@joanp62, I’m just curious, what was their lame explanation?

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It was “we do not have any control on the number of ads that are displayed in each device”.

Oh boy, that does sound like they don’t have a handle on the problem. Bummer, and sorry ads are not working at all for you. I’ve read in other posts where people said that if they exit the game & go back in a few times, they then get ads. I wouldn’t like having to do that, but if it works, it might be better than nothing?

How do I exit the game? When I go to menu and see the icon for Exit, it is grayed out and won’t let me. I just got another response from them. They showed me a log that I had viewed 3 videos yesterday morning and the coins I won, but that is false. Yesterday and now today when I click on the Free and then Watch I get the message Sorry Ads are not available at the moment please try again later. I have been getting this for over 2 days now. and the progress bar that shows that you have watched videos, shows that I haven’t viewed any. Thanks for trying to help.

@joanp62 I believe you have to log out of Facebook

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To exit the game completely, that means to make sure it is not running in the background. On my Android, I tap on on the icon that shows running apps, and swipe to close Tripeaks. This is the same process for collecting free coins on the Solitaire Tripeaks Fan page

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I’ve been having the same problem for over a month. I can’t get any ads, inbox or in free tab.
It started immediately after my very first I game purchase!

I quit playing and uninstalled the darn thing.

That’s a great idea. A free undo would be so so helpful.


Don’t mind so much paying for an undo if I chose a poor card path…but when I simply fatfinger a card that I had no intention of playing, so very frustrating! Perhaps if there was some allowance of free undo? Like once per sign in?

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I got the same response

I agree 100% not everyone is going to go in and continue to buy coins… let me know if you make progress