Very advanced 1st team in races

Has anyone else noticed recently the race has changed with a new 1st place team? Our club has played since the race started. Usually winning 1-2nd place until the past 2 weeks. All of a sudden there is always a boat ahead of us by over 200 moves. Yet, our team along with the other 3 teams are within 100 moves of each other. If the race is set up with clubs of the same number of players, this does not see possible. This even occurs the day the race starts.

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You may be matched with higher ranking teams than yours. They may do whatever it takes to max out every game (10 or more if you get a salty situation), so if not everyone on your team is doing the same, that could account for the large lead. We’ve found you are only matched up by # of sailors, not necessarily same league. Hope that helps.

I understand that. However that doesn’t explain them jumping so far ahead after qualifying. Nor does it account for the fact that my team does everything we can to max each game.

@Mel76, I believe they match teams by the number of teammates who qualify. You can see on this team, 7 members qualified. We only have 25 travel points, out of a possible 70 travel points. When the race begins, it’s possible to be matched with a team that’s nearly 3 times further than us, if the members who qualified did better than our teammates.

By the way this is one of my easy going clubs, and we have spots available - with room to advance to my more focused clubs. LOL

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what are you club names and reqs please

Something similar happened with the dig. Somehow another team had over 250 gold within the first 2 hours I’ve never seen such a high number

That seems impossible to have 250 gold within 2 hours
I’ve been playing for 5 and a 1/2 years I’ve never seen anyone have 250 goals in the first 2 hours of competiti’ve seen the numbers up there, but not in 2 hours. Someone’s either figured out. An algorithm or the board. Because that board competition doesn’t say the same. I’m glad someone has some inside. Info on where you can get mega gold from certain holes. Not sure just my thoughts, but it seems unlikely for 250 in 2 hours.

Usually i was the one winning until the last two weeks !! So whats going on that they got so far ahead ??

Its suppose to be how fast you go through each one of the 7 we get. Sometimes im really fast and end up with 3. Ive lost 1 of the seven in one of the races and i lost first place. They never returned it or everything i lost.