Vacation club for existing club

Am thinking of setting up a club for members who are on vacation or medical but don’t want lose them. Any suggestions as to the best way to do it. I’m currently a Co-leader of my club. Am in discussion with the leader about this as an option. This has just become an issue since 3 members will be out at the same time.


@CindyLu , could you help @Jeanh out? I know you have several clubs. Thanks Darlin! :kissing_heart:


Hi @Jeanh, that is exactly why I started my second club. Just a word of warning… don’t let the players get even a little serious about making your rest club better. I did that with my second club, then had to create a 3 club for those who really can’t play much! LOL.

Anyway, here is a post where I explained more than 1 account. Hope it helps:

How can I be part of 2 clubs? One serious, One fun?

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Just make subclub for these members