Understanding The Volcanoe

Understanding the Mechanics of “The Volcano.”

I’m trying to figure out The Why’s related to what causes The Volcano to Heat Up. In an effort to keep it under control. I know that Tributes are helpful. But there must be a “Reason, or Reasons” WHY it Suddenly Gets HOT :fire:?
Can anyone explain The Volcanic Process?
Our Team Leader is constantly Bitching our Team out because of this.
We can’t fix it unless we understand it!
Thank you.

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The volcano heats up as time passes. Only winning tributes can lower the temperature otherwise the volcano blows (which I admittedly have yet to see). Therefore you should play games with tributes as the volcano gets especially hot.


First group I was in did not keep up with tributes and it blew up. Lost 4 perks because of it. I left and got into another group that keeps it down.

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I believe the more players playing adds to the factor and the amount of games being played.
There is a level I can get 2games per min in and if no one else is playing the volcano is good if there are others playing it seems to get hot fast.
I would also like to know the exact factors of this…great question.

I would agree with this. Definitely seems like the more people are playing at the same time, the faster the volcano heats up.

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" The Volcano is the nemesis of Perk Benefits! The Volcano meter slowly fills over time – once it reaches the top it erupts, which temporarily makes earned Perks inactive and blocks new progress on current Perks.

You can help cool the Volcano by playing special levels marked with a Tribute (see “What is a Tribute” below). Keep earning Tributes to keep the Volcano from filling, so you can keep progressing on Perks! "

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So this is what I’ve heard and observed.

The volcano will rise at a slow rate if nobody is playing tribute levels, but playing normally. The more people playing non-tribute levels, the faster it will rise. If half are playing non-tribute levels and half are playing tribute levels then the volcano will stay cool or reasonably low.

What I have observed in my team is for every 4000 non tribute points made the volcano goes up really fast. So, someone is boosting their points by playing fast and loose with volcanos and wild cards, it could rise in a matter of minutes.

One way my team combats the volcano is when it reaches halfway whomever sees it at the halfway mark announces “Volcano” in the chat and all active players are then to play tribute levels only until it is cooled down.

I hope all this makes sense. After all my time playing I still have yet to figure out the volcano lol.

There should be a certain number of tribute games people should play to get the rewards. There are mainly 5 people in my group that keep track of the volcano. Others do as well but not like the 5 of us yet they get to benefit from the rewards as much as the 5 of us do.