Turtle Doves looking for TEAMmembers

Trying to build a solid gold club. We are a friendly group and myself, Kayla, and Diane work hard to be available to answer questions and concerns. Looking for people who want to be part of a TEAM. Our rules are simple. Join in chat. 7500 per week. Play tributes and Tribute Quest is mandatory. No Guests, must change name. Maximum idle is 3 days without prior notification to our team leaders. And if you sign up for club competition, you must play or you’ll be booted. Turtle Doves is the name of our club. Come join us. We want to have a fun, chatty, TEAM.

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I’m looking for a team that can finish at least 6 perks every week and cqs. I’ve been in 3 or 4 groups in the last 5 months.