TriPeaks Web Site Daily Gifts

Do you have to have a Facebook account in order to get the daily gifts?

Yes , as far as I know .

Yes, why do you ask?

For the web shop daily gift, the answer is no you do not need to have a Facebook account, but you’ll need to create a Scopely account. Some of our members did that, since did not have a FB account.


My ‘leader’ account is on a Galaxy tablet. (My alts are Fire tablets.) Everyone keeps talking about the great daily gifts, and I figured it was time that I took advantage of the offering.

I searched Facebook for TriPeaks; however, it wouldn’t let me on without logging in first…which indicates to me that I need a Facebook account in order to collect, and which is what your responses state.

The “reason” I asked is because I was told by several sources that I do not need to have a FB account.

An aside: It would be nice if Scopely/GSN/whomever was more concerned with fixing known game issues and addressing customer requests/complaints than ‘penalizing’ (withholding gifts) for not joining Facebook. (Smells like kickbacks to me!!!)

There is an option for login via Scopely or Facebook but the game will need to be linked to the account you’re using on the web shop as well. If your game is not linked to either FB or Scopely you will lose everything in your game should you change your device.

A favebook page or a scopleys account to pkay the web

Dis you try using the Facebook link through the inbox through game? Thats how oir non registered Facebook players get their freebies.

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Any time I’ve tried to ‘sign in’ through the game, I get a message that I will be linked to a very old, inactive account - which is exactly what I don’t want to do.

As for a Scopely account: What are the advantages/disadvantages versus Facebook?

I don’t want to lose my accounts; however, I’m really tired of being ‘herded’ into Facebook OR Scopely! MOO!!! :cow:

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Are you logged into the old account by chance on a FB app or your browser? If so, you will need to delete history/data on the browser or log out of FB on the app. so the game does not find the old account, at least I don’t think it would. I

The old account was on a device that has been factory reset and no longer used. The few times I’ve attempted to log into Facebook, the only option I’m given is to open the old account.

Have you reached out to support to see if they can delete the account associated with the old Facebook account?

I have repeatedly contacted TP support. The response is always the same. I can ‘merge’ the new account; however, merging will delete it and reactivate the old one - which I do NOT want to do.

The only option that I see is to start another FB account, and having one is having one too many!!

Yes,but i dont get free gifts.Also you are always not giving me what i deserve. I have lost boosters because the game kicks me out when im buying volcano or wild cards. So between not getting the free gifts. I get ripped off on boosters n kicked out. Loosing the game n the TRIBUTES. It happens during the game also the competitions,RACE and the DIG SO our team plus several others are going 2 quit the competitions and the couple hundred dollars a month. You will loose just from team MAGIC VILLAGE SPENDS. Well some are fed up. So im stopping the competitions. Your not treating me fairly. My email Not professional and your taking my money n not giving me what i bought annoying…

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The best way to reach Solitaire TriPeaks support about the issue you are having, is through the game app, as they will not reply to you through the forum. If you havean’t already, in the game, go to the MENU and tap HELP.

Love what you are saying. And your not wrong for thinking or saying. Trust me when I say that I’ve done my share of complaining. Let’s talk if you want to

My issue is that ads haven been viewable for over 6 days.
When i click in the ingame help, it just reloads the game.
Help is no help.

Go to the link below to complete a form for your issue. You’ll need your Customer Service ID; in the game tap MENU > GUIDE, it’ll be at the bottom (long set of letters and numbers).