Tripeaks Solitare game stuck in an ad

A Solitare ad came up. The screen is blank. If I click on the blank screen it opens to down load the ad game app that is being advertised. I can click done but it takes me back to the blank screen, happened last night. When I opened Tripeaks Solitare app this morning the app is still a blank screen. I can’t get out of this ad and back to the game. HELP!!

Welcome to the Forum, Ladaz!

Have you tried clearing the cache (NOT THE DATA) on your device? Doing that - as well as a “force stop” - always resolves the issues encountered on my devices.

These options are located in the TriPeaks app portion of your settings.

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This has been happening far too often to me. I finally figured out the only way to get back to the game is to power off and then back on. It works and it also gives you a reward for watching the blank screen when the app reopens.

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