TriPeaks Game Feedback 3

I would LOVE to know about the puffer fish and the penguins in the hot air balloon! AND what a suit card is and how to fill it in. Yes! More hints for us newer players, please!

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I feel the following should be improved:

  1. Fix the ad glitch. Many times I can’t get any ads watched in a day.
  2. Bring back Club quests
  3. Allow to use Free Plays when we want
  4. Keep club points earned while in the club to stay in the club.
  5. Move the Tributes around more. I seem to play the same game each time.
  6. Instead of a free medallion to play the same game, add an additional medallion of play.
  7. Do a free day of back buttons once per game or something like that!

Thank you for allowing to chose when to claim reward.


Didn’t quite follow the medallion comment.

Exactly right, Lisa French, for all the reasons you mentioned! I’m thrilled with the update!


The advantage to having to dismiss a quest that wasn’t completed is that you have control over when you DO want to play the next quest.


Who do i talk to about my game crashing and me losing my 3,000 coins?

@Vicki_Nanni, in the game, go to the Menu button (top left corner), then to Help, then Contact Us at the bottom of that screen to report that.

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Sorry but I disagree… having to click to claim the quest reward allows me to take a break between quests when I want to… previously, when I completed one quest, the next quest would start automatically without letting me take a break…

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I think it would be nice if the top 3 point producers each week and each Club look at some type of gift, maybe a chest maybe tornadoes, e t c… Because those are the people who carry the club to whatever finish they get to. I’m not the top of my club all the time but sometimes I am number one, two, or three and sometimes I’m not but it would be nice for the people who are at the top to receive something for that. Thoughts…


I feel getting the free coin should go back to the way it was, since beginning of Tri Peaks.Most of the time you get 400-1,000 coins. You actually waste time and $. You can’t play, most of the board without 3,000 pts. I’ve been playing for years, I Do love the strategy of playing, but I DO NOT like competitiveness of some players. It’s only a GAME, and a good one at that…Thank you, Dee


I too have been in the top 3 many times and I still look at it a little differently, not that I am right. I feel It’s the whole team that makes it to where they end up and do not feel the top 3 should receive anymore recognition than the rest of the club. Maybe they just had a little more time to play to be able to score higher scores, maybe they had better cards, maybe they were not able to buy coins, boosters etc that perhaps the top 3 did. Rheir are so many varables and without the bottom 22 the top 3 would not be where they are. Thiss is merely another opinion and nothing more. Thanks for the comment.


I agree Kimberly1. We have a couple clubmates that don’t use FB for personal reasons, and they need coins. I am finding it frustrating that I have almost 100 people I’m sharing coins with, but can only receive from 20 in return. I’m also getting frustrated that my “extra” coins for the day no longer remain until the next day. I don’t like asking for coins everyday; now I have to.

Strange. Mine still hold over. You might contact Tripeaks about that.


I agree dropped my free medallion only to do it 4 more times before I ended up with a free play. Maybe replace it with a volcano card

Well its just an insentive for all the players to work harder and then the entire team wins

Lol i was wonderring the same thing how funny.hes kinda creepy!

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I really like your idea - when I first began playing this game I thought that was what it did do but sadly and quickly I learned it just meant your need to try again!

Hello. I saw a motto on a club that said 17k weekly and 30 hours deleted… I get the 17k weekly but I don’t know about the 30 hours deleted… anyone know what that means?


@Damien, 30 hours most likely means you are allowed to be idle 30 hours before you are deleted from the club. A lot of clubs have a maximum idle time.


30 hours idol and gone. 30 hours is a lot. Most clubs only give 24 max.