Tributes & Gems needs 3 new players

We need 3 people to join our team. We have a minimum of 12,500 points. We are not quick to kick you out if you can’t max. We always get all 6 of the perks at the end of the week. Someone usually buys a treasure chest for the whole team each week. If you are looking for a team please look us up Tributes & Gems. Also, we usually get 1st or 2nd in the club competition. Come play with us and have fun!!!


I am looking for a club. I usually get between 10,000 - 15,000… and I participate in the gold bar competition. Recently went out of town and didn’t have good service and the camp ground doesn’t have good internet. Wasn’t able to alert my club to this issue and came home to no club. I had been in that one since I started playing over a year ago.


You can join perkified

Mermaid Lake has an opening. 10K min 72 HR idle unless notified. Good luck.

Melissa Strope, you are more than welcome in Merry’s Misfits. We require.12,000 cp per week, play cc, cq open gift, seems like there is something else I can’t think of at the moment, join the fb page, oh and 50 tributes. We would like to have you if you are interested!

Wallassuck has openings
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