Tribute trapper CQ problems-- count is off

Hey everyone! Hoping someone has some info. We get the trib trap cq 1-2 times a week. We couldn’t figure out how all 25 of our members maxed and we were coming up short. So we started taking a screenshot of our members tribute count right when the cq came out. By the math, NO ONE WAS LYING ab maxing. We’re baffled how it’s happening. It’s the only CQ that it happens with. The only 2 things we can come up with is that 1) gsn never intended for clubs to win, or 2) it’s a bug/glitch in the game. Has anyone else experienced this? Or talked to gsn support ab it? Thank you so much in advance for the help!

PS~ we don’t micromanage, just trying to figure out what was happening. All of our players have all been with us for a very long time and we trust each other

Our count was accurate. Everyone had maxed, except for one. He came on with a half hour left and got 100. The time ran out and we lost by 20 Tributes. Everyone needed 120 to max.

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Our team won the first time and since then nothing. I wonder what changed?

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Hmmmm. I guess I’ll submit a ticket then :confused:

Yes, @Aileen, my club won once when it only required 22 members. We lost twice when it required 24 and this last time when it required all 25 of us. The games also became unwinnable. There is a method to the madness :flushed: