Treasure Shrine Frustrates, no fun

Too many 500 coin wins in the Shrine! You get a free medallion at login and think Hooray – and now all too often all you get is let down.

If you won’t change the logic on the Shrine to reward us better then stop handing out medallions like they’re something special. Same is true about diligently congratulating winners till you get a medallion. For 500? Even 2000 coins feels like a letdown. Free plays, wild cards and boosters are what we value and the Shrine for months now has been too stingy with them.

Are you developers really listening?


Totally agree! Even winning a free play is nothing special though.

I agree with you. When you pay 2500 coins and “win” 500”, what did you really win?

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I agree … more n more the game is becoming stingy n taking all the enjoyment out of playing , I think the 500 coins is like a slap in the face

This used to be a place you could win boosters and sometimes wild cards. Since you changed it I have won ONE booster card and TWO wild cards. All the rest have been the 500 or 2000 cash or free play. For a cost of 2500 why would you ever spend when your chance of winning something better than 2500 is less than 5%???

Change it back to the way it was before please