Treasure shrine 2k slot

I thought someone had made suggestions about the treasure shrine but it might have been on FB not hereon the forum. I would like to see three 2k once go away and maybe win gems. I feel like I lost when I get that one. I paid 2500 and lost 500. That is not winning something. The comment I saw was a pit getting rid of the medallion. I really like the medallion ot gives you a free chance to win. I know I paid for the first chance but if I get several medallions the cost goes down on my original one.


I don’t use my coins in the shrine. I click on people who have won and wait until I get the free medalllion. So, to me the 2,000 is free coins. In regard to the medallion, I figure you are doing the same one over and over until you win something. Kinda like a “do-over”. So don’t understand about the cost going down if you win a medallion.