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I would first like to start this off by saying, my current club is good. Ive had no issues since joining, and for the most part, everyone seems somewhat active. I joined last month, toward the end of the month, so I havent been in the club long. Id also like to mention I only randomly joined because I figured being a club would provide its benefits.

Sorry this is already so long but…

After just a few weeks or so, I have been promoted to co-leader. I am sure it is because I have grinded to do my part, and have remained in the #1 spot for club points since joining. Im not complaining.


What can a co-leader do in a club? Do they have any extra abilities in the club? Is it just a title? I really want to be part of a club that communicates, tells jokes, enjoys conversation more than just cards. My club has none of that. Not a single word in chat since I got to the club. Kinda boring. Would be amazing to be invited to a top club where I know they all at least have a chat going, and have gotten to know each other.

As you can see, I like to talk…lol


Oh, and I appologize if this doesnt belong here…lol


Hi Nicolas!

Being a Leader or Co-leader is not an easy role. The first thing you need to think about is what kind of club you would like to shape, a club that is casual or more hardcore.
From there, decide if you want daily or weekly requirements, whether it be competing club quests, x amount of tributes or x amount of club points.

Shaping your team will not be easy, but once you’ve thought of the above, write it in a post in club notes for the team to see. I recommend having a co-lead or 2 to monitor your club if you aren’t around for parts of the day or away on vacation.

Have fun!


@NicholasJ, does your leader communicate with you and the other members? A coleader generally helps the leader with whatever they need you to do. If you are unsure what is expected of you, then I’m guessing the leader is not great at communication.

In that case, you could grab the bull by the horns, and take the leader role. Initiate chat, remove those who are not playing, invite new club members, etc.

If that doesn’t work with your leader, you could always start your own club.


You sound like you are a high scoring which I like the sound off we are a platinum club always get all 6 perks and sometimes get the 7th too we all talk through chat do club quests and all fight for the top spots in our club it’s fun always if can hit around 30 k and do club quests and are active daily you can join us. We also when double box day where you get one free my club buys lots so always rich in our club too mate.
We are taking members tomorrow from the start of the tournament we have 2 spots get back to me as then can save the spot if you want in


I am also having the same trouble I rank number one every week

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Why dont you join us if good scorer we have 2 spots left we called sonnyandkelly

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