Tips and advice needed - Club communication

I’m the co-Leandr of my club, but I do a lot of the work. I came from a great club where everyone chatted with each other, followed the club requirements, etc. I’m having trouble with my new club even reading the requirements and getting them to chat is like pulling teeth. We’ve just held our first contest and the leader bought the club a gift. I was hoping this wd motivate everyone, at least, a little bit. We have gathered quite a few strong players, but keep the club public bc we have to remove too many people for not following club requirements. I’ve even had to change, and when I say change, I mean I’ve had to adjust the club requirements down. We are a gold league club and I do not ask for much from each player, but I’m out of options. Does anyone have any tips on how to get the members to chat with each other, read the chat list and read the club requirements and follow them?? I try to welcome every new member and remind old members to make sure to read through the chat section for important info and to also read club requirements, but that doesn’t even seem to work. I have gone crazy with removing members bc of not following club requirements and some of our older members have stepped up their game, but I need everyone to step it up lol. All I really want to know is how do I get our members to communicate on chat and at least read chat and club notes for requirements and other important info?? Anyone with ideas? They wd be greatly appreciated!!

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I totally understand! I am coleader in a wonderful club. We were gold when I joined, now we are platinum. I chat constantly lol. Half of us chat regularly. Then we have some who meet all requirements weekly, but rarely chat. And that’s ok for me, bc they chat when need to. I understand not everyone is a chatter. Then there’s the “others” lol. Who never chat. Who don’t make requirements. I think some just play to play. They just need to find a club that fits that. I’m hoping one day all our slots will be filled with happy chatters, or at the very least one’s who actually read club rules and actively participate. Best of luck to you!

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@Kimmie6980 I completely agree. The last team I was on we chatted all the time, mostly game stuff, but other stuff too and I think it made us a stronger team bc of it. We got to know one another. It’s me and our leader that do all the chatting on this new team and, if I’m being honest, it’s mostly me chatting lol. I guess I’m just chatting with myself. Even if members don’t want to chat, that’s fine, but at least follow our club requirements. I cannot wait until the day we have a full team of 25 dedicated players. Since I’ve been on this new team, we just FINALLY completed perk 5. The leader said they had never completed perk 5 before so, I feel like something is working. I’ve posted on here a cpl times trying to fill up our 25 slots. I wd love to set a minimum wkly coin amount and a wkly or daily tribute amount, but I’m afraid I’ll just end up having to remove players and I’m scared I won’t get new players that can meet that requirement and keep us in gold league. I’m crossing my fingers that we eventually get those25 players who help us move up a league, or more lol. Good luck to you and your team.


@Gemini I’ve struggled with this as well. I have about 5 members that chat regularly, another 10 I know read chats because they occasionally say something, and 10 that never speak. I try to ask direct questions to a member I’m not sure reads the chat. I also post tips and strategies and updates in the club notes, along with incentives to see who reads. Once I posted that if everyone said “howdy mom” in chat over a 24 hour period I would buy a gift. Not all did but I was able to see who wasnt reading chats. I wrote those names down, then the first time they didn’t meet a requirement like points or activity I booted them, versus members I know read info I will give them leeway. I just keep filtering. I keep the club private and only have a spot open every couple of weeks. When people send invites to join clubs, I can click their profile and see how they’re contributing to the club they’re in. If I think they cut i hit accept. Then they get a message so I’m told. After that they just keep checking until we have an opening and hit join. But I think everyone struggles with members not following rules. But I will say that I noticed longevity in my players more when I started buying gifts every two weeks. Other members buy gifts too. So members really do try to meet all requirements because they dont want to lose a club that they get free stuff from. I just wish my club earned all 6 perks, we keep missing the last one, but I dont ask too much on points because I figure as I filter people I can slowly bump lower earning people over time if I pick up more high earners. For now we are all happy though. :slight_smile: hope all works out for you!