Tiki’s Key Quest

Anyone have any idea of why on Tiki’s Key Quest some levels are worth 5 keys and some only 3?
Also what helps you identify which cards have keys?

No way to identify as far as I know. Purely random luck.

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I get frustrated when it takes half the game to get a key, leaf, whatever. Some games I am over half way and end up with 1or 0. Makes me want to quit. Takes soooo long to win the quest.

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I use to enjoy the lost events but they totally burnt me out on all this changing the name but it’s still the same…
The latest events 7out of 9 are lost events …I haven’t played a one of them :frowning: Which stinks because I do want the rewards but it not worth the time and aggravation.
Best of luck


Yea, it’s a lot harder and wastes a lot. This morning I had 30 min free play at log in so I got a good head start, otherwise I would probably have skipped it altogether