Tiki Island Update

What are your thoughts on the new update on Tiki Island?

Personally, I am on the fence. There was no issue with that Islands M.O., so not sure why the change.

I suppose the change in the way the cards are dealt will slow the game up some.

do you mean the double stacks?

Yes. Just appeared for me today.

I played yesterday & didn’t see any changes :thinking:

Double stack on tiki island is part of perk 7 benefits…it will disappear when the new starts…
Personally I love double stack


It didn’t last long enough for me to get a feel for it. Never saw it before, again, or in any other island.


Thanks for clearing that up!!! Thought I was seeing an Island “mirage”…

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Double stack also appears in the the island tiki paradise

I am actually not that far in the game but was able to purchase/open those levels for a fee, which I did.
It takes practice but once u get the hang of it you can bring cards back to life that you’ve covered up,love when u can get the gold tiki card back
Goodluck to you


I also had double stacks without the surprise perk being won last week. I like it, but it does take a while to get used to!