Tiki Bird Club - Diamond League looking for 2 new members

We are a Top 10 Diamond League club looking for 2 new players who want to do more than our minimum requirement. But if that’s all you can do, and play daily come join our club. It is open to the public. Our rules are: 3,000pts before idle, 40k/wk and 200 tributes. Club Quest participation is also a requirement unless we are boycotting one (which we are today!). Besides the rules, we consider ourselves a tiki family. We love to chat. That doesn’t mean you have to as well, but we do like for you to communicate with us. We also believe that everyone has a life. If you’re going on vacation or have an all-day event that will take you away from the game that’s ok. Just let us know 2 days in advance and you’re excused from points and club quests. So come check us out. Serious players only. Please do not join our club and log off immediately or you will be kicked out just as quickly.