This weeks player event

If we miss one of the 4 events for the special chest Is there any way we can make it up or we just miss out on the reward

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You will miss out on the bonus, no option to catch up

Sad but true.
They want to be sure you max out your coins .

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I know I have half done. It is not happening. And am totally pissed

For sure. I just can’t finish it. I’m pissed

Sad for sure. No way can I get it done. I got half and I got to stop. It is crazy not fair at all

What’s everyone complaining about? The rules are very specific. Win these four events and get something special. If you don’t win all of them you don’t get it. There’s no trick or scam here. You dont lose anything.

I’m going to win all 4 events but get credit for only 3 and I’m not complaining just mildly annoyed, cause at least I’ll get all 4 prizes.

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