theTiKiLounge: Another Team Needing Daily Players Who Know How to Use Chat :]

About theTiKiLounge: We are a Gold team but occasionally find ourselves in Platinum. Currently we are in need of a few players to help us out. Some of us chat more than others but essentially we are a friendly, drama-free group. We don’t have a weekly club point minimum but we do have a weekly Tribute minimum. We usually get all 6 Perks and occasionally the 7th perk too. We don’t expect players to be chatty (chatty is totally ok :upside_down_face:), but we do want our players to use Chat at minimum when expected (ie when you join the group, when you max a CQ, during the dig competition, if you need 3+ days off, if you have questions/concerns etc). See below for more details on our requirements and if you want to try out our club then send us a request to join or let me know your player name, current club & league so I can send you a request to join :grin:

theTiKiLounge Player Expectations :100:

  • :wave:t4: NEW MEMBERS: Please read Club Notes upon joining & Acknowledge in Chat that you read & understand the rules; Must change name if ‘Guest’
  • :medal_sports: WEEKLY GOAL: At least 150 Tributes BEFORE reset every Thu (NO daily or weekly Club Point requirement)
  • :handshake: Help w/Club Quests, especially Tribute CQs :pray:t4: (Let us know in Chat whenever you max a CQ - when you see the green checkmark :white_check_mark: on your Club Quest Event page. Unfortunately not everyone on our Team tells us when they max but if you can, then it would be greatly appreciated :raised_hands:t4:)
  • :hourglass: Daily players preferred but max idle time of 3 days is allowed before removal occurs (Communicate in Chat if you anticipate not being able to play 3+ days to avoid removal - If removal occurs and you were unable to play due to reasons beyond your control, you are more than welcome to rejoin us when you’re able to play more)
  • :gem: Dig Competition is optional but if you qualify, you must be available to dig the following day (*Dig Strategy: Use all 7 plays and try to work together; avoid random digging so please don’t use all 7 plays at one time unless you have someone to dig at the same time as you; use Chat to announce which holes you dug especially when there are more than 6 partially dug holes on the board & let us know when you are out of plays/shovels so we know that you’ve done your part; *Qualifiers who don’t dig could be removed at any time so please say something in Chat if you were unable to dig or earn shovels

:partying_face: Other Perks include:

  • :sleeping: Rest Club (theTiredTiki: Our own public group with no strict rules; Open to anyone who needs a longer break from playing competitively; Rejoin theTiKiLounge at any time as long as space is available*)
  • :iphone: Facebook Group Page (Optional; Used for extra communication; Details listed in Club Notes)
  • :us: Holidays: I consider just about all holidays to be a Rest Day so feel free to play as little or as much as you want on these days :wink:

Even though we don’t have a club point weekly minimum, our core players earn anywhere between 7k to 100k per week and weekly tributes range anywhere from 50 to 800+ per week. Looking to fill our team with players who can at least contribute 150 tributes/wk. Thx!

I would like to join tomorrow but can’t find your team. I quit playing 2 months ago cause team I was on was very ambitious and took up hours daily to keep up. I think you’d be a perfect fit. How do I join?

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Hi @Suzanne_Wright :wave:t4: , when you search for our group just make sure the letters/words all run together… “theTiKiLounge”… If you’re still unable to find us, make sure the second T, K & L are capitalized. We are currently in Gold. With the upcoming holiday, I’m anticipating things to slow down which is totally fine. 150 tributes/wk is the main rule but if ever unable to do that just use Chat and all will be good. We are an understanding group as long as there’s some kind of communication :wink: Hope to see you on the team :). Also if you’re currently on a team, just let me know what the team name is and what league (gold, plat, etc) and I can send you a request to join that way. You can also send me a private message through here if you don’t want to post it publicly. Happy Friday!

Hello, are you still looking for players? Weekly I get between 9-15,000 club points and usually well over 200 tributes. My current team barely makes 4 chests, and I am a little more ambitious than that. If you are still looking, I would like to join. I do use chat and participate in all quests. Thank you!

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Hi @freeatlast we could always use another player. Send us a request if you’d still like to try us out :blush:

Hi, yes I am interested. My name is Debbie, and I’ll send a request. Thanks!

Hi, I am interested in joining your club :grinning:
I’ve been in a fierce club and need a reduction in daily requirements (currently 6,000 and quest max asap) the communication is great, I just don’t have the time.
150 tributes per week plus quests and team competition would be great!
Thank you for your consideration! Sk8

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@Sk8 sorry for the late reply. If you’re still interested, just send us a request to join :slight_smile: Would love to have you onboard…