The Tablet I played on died, new one isn't allowing me to get my current game

I am the Leader of Spades Glory, the tablet I was using died. I replaced my Amazon Fire with a Galaxy. Problem is I can’t seem to get my current game loaded. So, I started at the beginning.

Problem: the powers that be only see my old profile as not active… How do I let them know I have a new account so I can stay the leader?

Flash (new temp name FlashsNewAccount)

I take it your account was not linked to Facebook or other means?
If it’s not. Send a join request to your team, that should trigger someone to let you in, and than you can remove your old account. There really isn’t anything else I can think of, unless you have your old player ID and send a ticket in to support, can’t hurt to try that also, see if they can do something.

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Thanks, that was what I expected.

Thanks again

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