The Nut House is looking for fun, committed players!

The Nut House is looking for fun and committed (see what I did there?!?) players! We are a happy gold team with long-standing players. Tributes, CQ, digging and chat are a must. We prefer that everyone plays at least daily, but understand that life happens. We are just looking for more nutz to add to our already great group. Looking forward to welcoming you to our happy group.

I have sent a request asking to join if your still looking for a player. I am top of my team and it feels like I should be with better players who know what to do. Please let me know when you can. Thanks

Yay! I see you joined as King Poi? Hope you enjoy our club!

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We are platinum, looking to absorb players who play daily as much as possible, make 30 k per week and focus on club quests and perks. Better rewards in this league. Room for 4, possibly 5. Ok to work up to 30k As you build your balances. Come join us, Hope to see you after midnight thursday night or first thing friday morning. The tiki life club is the team to join

If you are a daily player, Aim for club quests and perks, And like to chat… Also aiming for 30k a week, Think about joining “the tiki life”… We are in the process of rebuilding