The blessed one are looking for players.

Hi. My name’s is Sharon and I am the co-leader of the blessed one. We are looking for active players. Our aim is to get into the top 500. All we ask is that you follow perk order and reach our 20k quota and read chat. If interested please message me on here or Facebook. Sharon Lindsay

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I’m interested in finding a new club. Let me know if you still have room for a newbie. My current club is not very friendly and they are always arguing over perk order. I just want to play and enjoy my teammates.


Ok kaytee. I am new to forums :slight_smile: Sorry I haven’t got back sooner. We may have an opening for you. We have one player that is very in active at the moment who only plays every 24 hours and gets little points. I will have to ask my leader first as I am only co-leader

Ok…thanks. I’ll wait to hear from you.

How do i find you or do you want to search for our team?

If you want to give me your team name, I’ll request to join.

The blessed one. We will look for your request. Our leaders name is laurie :slight_smile: