Technical Help with my Amazon Fire Tablet

I purchased an Amazon Fire 10 tablet to play my games. I noticed some intermittent, what appears as lightening streaks during some games. Since i didnt notice this on my android i exchanged my tablet for another. Well, i noticed the streaks on my new tablet. Has anyone noticed this on your tablet?

My Fire 10 was purchased in November, 2021. It, too, has ‘lightening streaks;’ however, they didn’t start until maybe 10 months ago. They seem to come and go at will. While my Samsung TabA 10.1 doesn’t have the same type of streaks, it does periodically ‘flash.’ Both of these devices are used to play the same games.

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Thank you for ur reply. I noticed the atreaks immediately. They dont appear in every game. Im not sure what to do. Is this a technical problem with my tablet or with the game? I contacted the game admin but not helpful.

My Fire is about3 yrs old and the streaking lightening started also about 10 months ago. I thought it was my internet conne ction but on different servers it remained. It seems to be a game glitch and the intensity of the flash varies greatly.

For anyone having this problem, I suggest uninstalling and reinstalling the game periodically - especially since this app is now updated automatically.

My Amazon Fire no longer ‘streaks.’ However, all of my devices (Fires and Samsung Galaxy) continue to have ‘flashes.’

Hi Mz. I sent mine back and purchased the samsung A8 10.5. I love it. Should have gotten that one in the first place. Just wondering if you moved on to another team? Just by chatting with you i think you would be a real asset to our team. :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

Congratulations on your new tablet!!

Thank you for your vote of confidence!! My club continues to suffer, but I’m staying put - for now. The Legend bracket keeps drawing me back and I’ve given serious thought to not playing at all. However, I helped start this club…

Best wishes to you and your club…and have fun with that tablet!!!