Teams Cheating to get more

Anyone reporting about teams that hop from team to team playing a game or two for a quest then returning the next day to collect and do it again. Not fair for those of us doing 176 tributes for gems or points doublers and the leader letting their friends collect by only doing 10… people have multiple accounts and collecting a ton of things on all of them

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The only thing to report is that you need to move to a different club then. I will say having other people collect doesn’t really impact you, you still get your rewards and if other people get rewards they don’t really deserve, it doesn’t negatively impact you, except psychologically. If you can’t handle this, its best to move on since there isn’t any cheating going on, just loophole manipulation.


I agree very much with your perspective that it doesn’t affect an individual’s play (just that it upsets the other players).

The other thing to ask - would the team get the CP reward without the ‘friends’ of the leader? If not, then the leader is helping the team by bringing in helpers. It is common for helpers to come in and help the team finish a quest, especially on the tribute quest because the reward is very good.


Sometimes if you’re short tributes to be able to finish the quest you have to bring in secondary accounts or helpers to finish. Like our tribute quest requires all 25 members. If 1 person doesn’t max then the entire team loses the reward. Occasionally we use another account to finish. Sometimes it is very few tributes and sometimes it’s the entire 120


Hi. Ditto what Jackie said above! I am a leader and my team has 22 plays - while me and two co-leaders have secondary accounts to make 25. It is very hard to find players to join - believe me we have tried. We use the secondary accounts to help with quests and we just about always finished the tribute trapper club quest, but the last few times not everyone has maxed and with about 45 minutes remaining, no one active, I have requested help by outsiders, as we usually only need under 50. Personally we had an abundance needed, I would not request any help. Also, outside help is only given for the tribute trapper quest and not any others. If you are on any FB groups, you should be able to see that. If your leader is having her friends to come in to help with quests, why is that a problem. It is benefitting you. I personally don’t like asking for help because I want our team to complete our tribute trapper quest and not rely on someone else to do it for them. If you don’t like what your leader is doing for your team, you are under no obligation to remain - just leave and find another team. Good luck


There are multiple players doing this. Guest is one of them

How do you have friend help you with tributes?

@Mad1, If some someone come into your club (a friend or whoever), and completes some tributes for your club, they and your club both wins.


Our team hops and helps other teams so they CAN complete the tributes and they get the gems as well and may not have to work as hard themselves. We always let them know what we are doing when we enter. Some club members play one or 2 and let the hoppers do the rest. It saves you coin and boosters letting the hoppers do all the work. Be grateful. It’s just a game anyway


I don’t think it’s right when I’m accepted in to a club, help with tributes and other perks then get kicked before I’m able to collect what i earned. I don’t team hop. I’m trying to find a place i can play, earn rewards and have fun! I’m tired of people taking advantage of their leadership to keep me from advancing. I need higher leagues! I’ve been through the entire board more than enough times but always end up helping lower leagues just so i can get my club points but lower clubs give fewer rewards i work hard to earn with any League I’m in. It’s crap that i get booted just as i help finish quests and use all of my coins and boosters to do so.

1)There is no cheating going on
2)If you only have 22 members and it takes 25 you need the helpers
3) The team also benefits by all the cp they keep when helpers leave
4) As a helper I can guarantee you that we spend more coins and boosters than the members do!!!


Players that jump on and help other teams to complete a cq especially tributes do it voluntary they do not get rewards for helping.
That to me is team work.
Players would soon moan if they missed club quest because short if players,player can’t complete as etc.


Check out christina’s. We need players if are willing to be competitive

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Check us out. justMe. There are a few. Look at the names of the players. Look for Dolly and Ray.

Lilolme, if u can get minimum 50k a week, max ALL Daily CLUB quests, not idle for more than 18 hrs, be positive and use chat, come on over Tiki_scotland needs strong loyal long-term players!

If you’re ok with a Gold League you would be welcome in our club, La Tribu. We don’t boot ppl unless they haven’t played at all in like 3 weeks. We’re always seeking players who will stick around. Feel free to request to join. You can private message me your username also